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Surah 20

Ta-Ha, arabic: Taha

Quran Surah/Verse ✔ Agreement ⇔ Contradiction ψ Unmentioned Comments
Su 20:1
Su 20:2
Su 20:3
Su 20:4
Su 20:5
Su 20:6
Su 20:7
Su 20:8
Su 20:9
Su 20:10 * Moses sees a fire and is curious to see what’s actually behind the fire: Ex 3:2 * The Bible says that an angel of the Lord appears to Moses in flames of fire from the middle of a bush and Moses stares at the fire in amazement because though the bush is on fire, it does not burn up: Ex 3:2

* The Bible says Moses is actually tending the flock of his father-in-law when he sees the fire: Ex 3:1
* The Bible never mentiones that Moses is with his family when he sees the fire.
Su 20:11 * God calls Moses from the fire: Ex 3:4b * It's important to avoid taking unusual things for granted; if Moses had ignored the fire, he couldn't have had such a wonderful experience.
Su 20:12 * God tells Moses to take off his shoes because the place he’s standing on is sacred and holy: Ex 3:5 * In the Bible, God tells Moses not to come closer to Him, that he should take off his shoes: Ex 3:5a * We must learn to treat the things of God reverently.
Su 20:13
Su 20:14
Su 20:15
Su 20:16
Su 20:17
Su 20:18
Su 20:19
Su 20:20
Su 20:21
Su 20:22
Su 20:23
Su 20:24
Su 20:25 * Moses complains to God that he has speech defects: Ex 4:10 * It is never recorded in the Bible that Moses is not able to speak well because of a brand of fire he put in his mouth when he was an infant. * Regardless of a person’s imperfections, God can still use such person to fulfill His mandate.
Su 20:26
Su 20:27
Su 20:28
Su 20:29
Su 20:30
Su 20:31
Su 20:32
Su 20:33
Su 20:34
Su 20:35
Su 20:36
Su 20:37
Su 20:38
Su 20:39 * The mother of Moses lays him by the riverbank: Ex 2:2-3 * When Moses’s mother could no longer hide him, she decides to obey Pharaoh's instructions that every son who is born should be cast into the river: Ex 2:3; Ex 1:22 * The Bible does not mention that Pharaoh brings up his own enemy – Moses. * This action by Moses’ mother is a great example of trusting the child’s welfare and future to God alone, trusting that God would take care of him, and probably find a way to give him back to her.
Su 20:40 * Moses’ sister is there when Moses is saved and brought out from the Nile River by Pharaoh’s daughter: Ex 2:5-8

* Pharaoh's daughter returns the baby to his mother to breastfeed him after Moses' sister suggests who could nurse the baby and calls the child’s mother: Ex 2:7-9

* Moses kills a man and then flees to Midian: Ex 2:11-15
* According to the Bible, the person Moses kills, is an Egyptian and then he flees to Midian because Pharaoh hears of it and tries to kill him: Ex 2:12, Ex 2:15 * God rewards the faith of Moses’ mother, both as she trusts Him in hiding Moses for three months, and also as she trusts God by setting Moses out on the river.

* Because Moses knows who he was, he has a heart filled with sympathy towards his people, he could not stand by while one of his fellow Israelites endures a beating.
Su 20:41
Su 20:42
Su 20:43 * God sends Moses to Pharaoh: Ex 6:11
Su 20:44
Su 20:45
Su 20:46
Su 20:47 * God instructs Moses to tell Pharaoh to let His people go: Ex 6:13
Su 20:48
Su 20:49
Su 20:50
Su 20:51
Su 20:52
Su 20:53
Su 20:54
Su 20:55
Su 20:56 * The Bible does not mention that the Pharaoh accuses Moses of practising magic.
Su 20:57
Su 20:58
Su 20:59
Su 20:60
Su 20:61
Su 20:62
Su 20:63
Su 20:64
Su 20:65 * The Bible does not mention that the magicians of Egypt believe and worship the Lord.
Su 20:66
Su 20:67
Su 20:68
Su 20:69
Su 20:70
Su 20:71 * The Bible never mentiones that Pharaoh says he would cut off the hands and feet of the magicians and also crucify them because they believe and bow to the God of Israel.
Su 20:72
Su 20:73
Su 20:74
Su 20:75
Su 20:76
Su 20:77 * God makes the Israelites walk by the dry ground in the sea: Ex 14:15-31 * God makes a way where there seems to be no way.
Su 20:78 * God delivers the Israelites as they make it past the sea while Pharaoh and his people drown and die in the sea: Ex 14:15-31 * The Bible says every wicked people will be punished: Pro 11:21
Su 20:79
Su 20:80
Su 20:81
Su 20:82
Su 20:83
Su 20:84
Su 20:85
Su 20:86
Su 20:87
Su 20:88
Su 20:89
Su 20:90
Su 20:91
Su 20:92
Su 20:93
Su 20:94
Su 20:95
Su 20:96
Su 20:97
Su 20:98
Su 20:99
Su 20:100
Su 20:101
Su 20:102
Su 20:103
Su 20:104
Su 20:105
Su 20:106
Su 20:107
Su 20:108
Su 20:109
Su 20:110
Su 20:111
Su 20:112
Su 20:113
Su 20:114
Su 20:115
Su 20:116
Su 20:117
Su 20:118
Su 20:119
Su 20:120 * Satan actually tells Eve, Adam's wife, to eat the forbidden fruit: Ge 3:1-5 * In the Bible, Satan never tells Adam to eat from the forbidden tree; Eve actually gives the fruit to Adam: Ge 3:6 * Do not listen to Satan's lies. Eve listens to Satan and also lures her husband to disobey God. They both pay for their actions.
Su 20:121 * Adam and his wife eat the forbidden fruit after being tempted by Satan, and they are naked. They become ashamed of themselves and cover their body with leaves: Ge 3:6-7 * Disobedience leads to nakedness and shame, that is, God’s glory will leave anyone that disobeys Him. Therefore, we should obey God whenever He commands us.
Su 20:122
Su 20:123
Su 20:124
Su 20:125
Su 20:126
Su 20:127
Su 20:128
Su 20:129
Su 20:130
Su 20:131
Su 20:132
Su 20:133
Su 20:134
Su 20:135

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