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Surah 28

The Stories, arabic: Al-Qasas

Quran Surah/Verse ✔ Agreement ⇔ Contradiction ψ Unmentioned Comments
Su 28:1
Su 28:2
Su 28:3
Su 28:4 * Pharaoh afflicts the Israelites, killing their sons while sparing their daughters: Ex 1:14-22 * The Bible emphasizes that Pharaoh commands the midwives in charge of the Israelites' deliveries to kill baby boys and leave the girls alive.
* The midwives, however, refuse the King’s order and allow the boys to live, too.
* God frowns at wickedness, especially against his children, He rewards the kind and those who fear Him.
Su 28:5
Su 28:6
Su 28:7 * The mother of Moses lays him by the riverbank: Ex 2:2-3 * This action by Moses’ mother is a great example of trusting the child’s welfare and future to God alone, trusting that God would take care of him, and probably find a way to give him back to her.
Su 28:8 * The Bible does not mention that Pharaoh brought up his own enemy – Moses.
Su 28:9
Su 28:10 * The mother of Moses hides her son to prevent him from being killed: Ex 2:1-3a * The Bible states that Moses’ mother hides him for three months: Ex 2:2c * The parents of Moses do not hide him only because of the natural parental instinct, they do it also out of faith in God: Heb 11:23
Su 28:11 * Moses’ sister stands at a distance and watches what would happen to her brother: Ex 2:4 * The Bible never mentiones that Moses’ mother instructes her daughter to follow Moses and watch him.
Su 28:12 * Moses’ sister is there when Moses is saved and brought out from the Nile river: Ex 2:5-8 * Pharaoh’s daughter is the one that finds Moses on the river and asks her maid to fetch him: Ex 2:5-6
Su 28:13 * Pharaoh's daughter returns the baby to his mother to breastfeed him after Moses's sister suggested who could nurse the baby and then called the child's mother: Ex 2:7-9 * God rewards the faith of Moses’ mother, both as she trusts Him in hiding Moses for three months, and also as she trusts God by setting Moses out on the river.
Su 28:14 * Moses grows up and becomes a man: Ex 2:10-11a * The Bible says his mother brings Moses to Pharaoh’s daughter and he becomes her son: Ex 2:10 * Moses, being adopted by Pharaoh's daughter, is in the royal family and he is raised with both the science and learning of Egypt: Ac 7:22
Su 28:15 * Moses kills a man in order to defend his fellow brother – an Israelite: Ex 2:11-12 * According to the Bible, the person Moses kills is an Egyptian and then he flees to Midian because Pharaoh hears of it and tries to kill him: Ex 2:12, Ex 2:15

* The Bible doesn’t say Moses sought the consent of the Israelite before he kills the Egyptian.

* After killing the man, Moses hides him in the sand: Ex 2:12b
* It is never mentioned in the Bible that the man he defended and rescued asked him for help. * Because Moses knows who he is, he has a heart filled with sympathy towards his people, he cannot stand by while one of his fellow Israelites endures a beating.
Su 28:16 * The Bible never mentiones that Moses prayes to God for forgiveness after killing the Egyptian. * The Bible tells us to confess our sins and ask God to forgive us whenever we fall into sin: 1Jo 1:8-10
Su 28:17 * It is never mentioned in the Bible that Moses tells God he would never be a helper for wrongdoers.
Su 28:18 * Moses becomes afraid when he discovers people know that he killed someone: Ex 2:14c * The Bible never mentiones that the man whom he defended a day before called for his help again.
Su 28:19 * Unknown to Moses, his secret is exposed as an Israelite claimes he killed an Egyptian the previous day: Ex 2:14a
Su 28:20 * The Bible does record that it was actually Pharaoh that sought to kill Moses when he heard what had happened: Ex 2:15 * The Bible never mentions that the chiefs of Egypt are taking counsel together to kill Moses, and the Bible doesn't also mention that a man informs Moses about the counsel to kill him.
Su 28:21 * Moses becomes afraid as he knows he could be killed for the murder he committed, so he flees from the place: Ex 2:14-15 * The Bible does not mention that Moses prays so God can save him from being killed.
Su 28:22 * Moses flees to the land of Midian to seek refuge.
Su 28:23 * Moses arrives at Midian where he finds some shepherds preventing some girls from watering their flocks: Ex 2:16-17 * The Bible records that the girls that come to draw water were seven in number contrary to Qur’anic record of two: Ex 2:16

* The Bible also tells us that their father is the Priest of Midian: Ex 2:16a

* The Bible says the shepherds chased the girls away from drawing water for their flocks: Ex 2:17a
* The Bible never mentiones that the girls that come to draw water were two in number.
Su 28:24 * Moses draws water for their flocks: Ex 2:17c * The Bible says that Moses rescues the girls from the shepherds who chase them from drawing water for their flocks: Ex 2:17b * God wants us to keep on doing good regardless of the situation we may find ourselves because we’ll surely reap the fruit of our good deeds if we don’t give up: Gal 6:9; 2Th 3:13
Su 28:25 * Moses is invited by the father of the girls to come to eat with them: Ex 2:20 * The Bible does not specify that a particular girl comes to Moses to extend her father's invitation to him. * There's a reward for doing good: Lu 6:35
Su 28:26 * The Bible does not mention that one of the girls tells their father to hire Moses to work for him.
Su 28:27 * The Bible records that Jethro willingly gives his daughter to Moses to be his wife. * It is never mentioned in the Bible that Jethro gives Moses a condition to serve him for eight or ten years before he could marry one of his daughters.
Su 28:28 * The Bible does not mention that Moses agrees that he would serve eight or ten years before he could marry one of Jethro’s daughters.
Su 28:29 * Moses sees a fire and is curious to see what’s actually behind the fire: Ex 3:2 * The Bible says that an angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in flames of fire from the middle of a bush and Moses stares at the fire in amazement because though the bush is on fire, it does not burn up: Ex 3:2

* The Bible says Moses is actually tending the flock of his father-in-law when he sees the fire: Ex 3:1
* The Bible never mentiones that Moses is with his family when he sees the fire. * It's important to avoid taking unusual things for granted; if Moses had ignored the fire, he couldn't have had such a wonderful experience.
Su 28:30 * God reveals Himself to Moses from the fire: Ex 3:6 * God tells Moses he’s the God of his fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: Ex 3:6 * God still reveals Himself to people today through different ways, including His Word, through dreams/visions, through His Prophets, and through the Holy Spirit.
Su 28:31 * God instructs Moses to throw down his stick and the stick turns into a snake: Ex 4:2-4 * We must learn to obey God whenever He instructs us to do something.
Su 28:32 God instructs Moses to put his hand in his bosom, and when he takes it out it is leprous, and when he puts it in again, it is free from leprosy: Ex 4:6-7
Su 28:33
Su 28:34 * God appoints Aaron in order to help Moses: Ex 4:14-16 * In the Bible, it is God that suggests that Aaron will be Moses spokesperson: Ex 4:14-16 It isn’t mentioned in the Bible that Moses suggests that Aaron can help speak on his behalf. * God is ready to go to extra length to provide the help one needs to fulfill His mandate.
Su 28:35
Su 28:36 * The Bible does not mention that people accuse Moses of practicing magic.
Su 28:37
Su 28:38 * The Bible does not mention that Pharaoh describes himself as God. * God, in His Word, tells us that we shall not worship or serve any other god except Him: Ex 20:3
Su 28:39
Su 28:40 * God wipes out Pharaoh and his people as they drown and die in the sea: Ex 14:23-31 * The Bible says every wicked people will be punished: Pro 11:21
Su 28:41 * The Bible does not mention that Pharaoh will be punished later on the Day of Resurrection as he will lead people to the fire.
Su 28:42
Su 28:43
Su 28:44
Su 28:45
Su 28:46
Su 28:47
Su 28:48
Su 28:49
Su 28:50
Su 28:51
Su 28:52
Su 28:53
Su 28:54
Su 28:55
Su 28:56
Su 28:57
Su 28:58
Su 28:59
Su 28:60
Su 28:61
Su 28:62
Su 28:63
Su 28:64
Su 28:65
Su 28:66
Su 28:67
Su 28:68
Su 28:69
Su 28:70
Su 28:71
Su 28:72
Su 28:73
Su 28:74
Su 28:75
Su 28:76
Su 28:77
Su 28:78
Su 28:79
Su 28:80
Su 28:81
Su 28:82
Su 28:83
Su 28:84
Su 28:85
Su 28:86
Su 28:87
Su 28:88

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