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Surah 71

Noah, arabic: Nuh

Quran Surah/Verse ✔ Agreement ⇔ Contradiction ψ Unmentioned Comments
Su 71:1 * It is not mentioned in the Bible that Noah sent to his people to warn them on impending danger and torment.
Su 71:2
Su 71:3
Su 71:4
Su 71:5
Su 71:6
Su 71:7
Su 71:8
Su 71:9
Su 71:10
Su 71:11
Su 71:12
Su 71:13
Su 71:14
Su 71:15
Su 71:16
Su 71:17
Su 71:18
Su 71:19
Su 71:20
Su 71:21
Su 71:22
Su 71:23
Su 71:24
Su 71:25
Su 71:26 * It is not mentioned in the Bible that Noah tells God to erase unbelievers off the face of the earth.
Su 71:27 * The Bible never records that Noah tells God that the unbelievers will mislead His people if He doesn’t wipe them from the earth.
Su 71:28 * The Bible says Noah finds favor in the eyes of God because he is a just man and his ways please God: Ge 6:8-10 * The Bible never mentions that Noah asks God to forgive him, his parents and anyone who enters so that they can be acknowledged as a believer. * A righteous person whose ways please God is a candidate of God’s favor: Psa 5:12

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